A Virtual Brewfest: World of Warcraft’s Annual event is coming September 20, 2019!

Coren Direbrew

Ever played World of Warcraft? If so, you’ve surely noticed the seasonal in-game activities they have. One of these fun times is called “Brewfest”. Think Oktoberfest, but in an MMO! This year it will take place from September 20, 2019 until October 6, 2019.

If you’re Horde: go to Orgrimmar, if you’re Alliance, try Ironforge. Smaller activities will be outside of Silvermoon, Darnassus, Undercity, Stormwind, Thunderbluff, the Exodar and Shattrath.

The main activity will earning the fair’s currency: the “Brewfest Token”. You can get them thru the activities and the Daily Quests (aka Dailies) available.

The main “boss” NPC for Brewfest drops loot! He’s a boss in Blackrock Depths. You get to him using the “Dungeon Finder” tool.

Tokens! Use your tokens to buy vanity pets, vanity clothes and other fun stuff.

Every 30 minutes “Dark Iron Dwarves” attack the festival. Help to ward them off! Successfully doing so results in an item appearing, which you can click to complete a Daily Quest.

My favorite activity was always the “Ram Riding” activity, where you have to keep the ram running at a certain speed, avoiding fatigue, eliminating the fatigue by nearing/jumping over strategically-placed stations, all the while maintaining a good pace to earn Brewfest Coins.

We’ll be posting more detail about Brewfest as it nears, but feel free to read up on it on the official WoW page at: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/7237858/brewfest


Celebrating a Brewfest In Your Area of the Country

When it comes to celebrations that happen across the country every year there are few which take on the character of a brewfest. Usually celebrated in the fall which coincides with harvest season, the brewfest is one that actually brings together friends in celebration and even families can enjoy the event which often includes outside entertainment and a fair-type atmosphere. 

What is a Brewfest?

A brewfest is essentially a celebration that revolves around the enjoyment of different beers that are brewed locally as well as from different parts of the world. Beer festivals and Oktoberfest are events which are similar in nature and held in virtually all parts of the nation with each state often having an official festival or celebration.

The history of these events as organized endeavors goes back decades, but interest has picked up with the development of the craft brew industry. Here, small, local brewers have been able to develop a niche market and the brewfest is a way to expose their product to a large number of people at once. Sometimes there are contests or evaluations for the best beer in different categories which provides recognition for brewers.

What to Expect when Attending a Brewfest

Naturally, it will depend on whether the particular brewfest is simply focused on the beer itself or if it is more of a carnival atmosphere that is designed to entertain families as well. However, even in these situations the beer is only for the adults who must have proper identification to show that they are at least 21 years of age when they pay their admission.

Samples: In many cases, the brewfest will actually provide a sample glass and tickets so that you can get a free sample of the different products from the breweries that are attending the event. You can sample as many breweries as you have tickets which often run $1 to $2 depending on the event.

Entertainment: You can expect that there will be live bands or at least DJs spinning new music as entertainment for the event itself. There are usually a number of people that will listen to the bands in-between sampling the beer that is provided at the event. At some events you may see carnival games or even rides depending on the size and nature of the organization.

Designated Drivers: There are low-priced tickets for designated drivers who can attend the event, but are not allowed to sample the beer. Most brewfest events encourage designated drivers by offering more than just low priced tickets, but other benefits that allow for enjoyment while taking their friends home safely.

A brewfest is really the meeting of the local brewers as well as national and international brands with the local public to make them aware of what is available in their area. Quite often, people discover their favorite beers at a brewfest which creates a new awareness for them and their friends. The event is a fun time for everyone who enjoys discovering new beers and breweries while being family-friendly.